1. Your Zoho users must have the same user email address as in Slack or Gsuite.

  2. Your Zoho contacts must have a phone number format with international prefix like 16503600914 for a USA number or 33186651737 for a French number.

Activate the Zoho integration :

Please note: This integration has to be done by the Zoho Admin and is activated for all of your Ottspott team.

  1. Once connected to Ottspott, please go to the "Integrations" section

  2. Click on the "Connect with Zoho" button

  3. A Zoho page will automatically open. Please enter your Zoho ID credentials and submit to authorize the integration.(Optional)

  4. A last Zoho chat window will appear. Please authorize the integration between Ottspott and Zoho.

  5. if you would like to log your calls in Contact Zoho Activity you will need to create a webhook. Click on the Zoho logo when the integration is done and checked each Ottspott number you would like to log the activities in Zoho.

  6. Enabled Click to call in Zoho go to integration click on the Zoho logo and checked for each Zoho users you would like to enabled the click to call features in Zoho.

How does it look now with Zoho?

Now that the Ottspott desktop app is active, when you place or receive a call from a Zoho contact, you will see in the Ottspott app all the information about the contact who is calling, just by clicking on the Zoho logo.
 Also in Zoho when you receive or place a call a Zoho popup will be displayed in your Zoho CRM.

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