1. You must make sure that you are an Organizational GSuite domain (more about types of Google accounts). If are not using an Organizational GSuite domain you will not be able to complete on-boarding.

  2. You must have an admin account type in Gsuite. To check that please go to GSuite help.

  3. You must make sure that you have enabled API access in the admin console.

  4. Google Chrome must be set as the default browser (

When you are ready to start the Ottspott 7-day free trial, please go to  and follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your mobile number so that we can check that you are a real human and not a robot. 

  • Enter the code received on your mobile.

  • Follow the app tour and learn how to use the Ottspott Desktop app.

  • Launch the test call and please allow your microphone for that.

  • Click on the "Add with GSuite" button.

  • Authorize Ottspott .

  • Create your Ottspott Team number.

  • Invite your team number (optional you will can do it later).

  • Let us know what are your favorite business apps.

  • Follow the Ottspott back-office tour.

  • Download the Ottspott Desktop app.

Please watch this short video to see how to onboard on Ottspott using GSuite :  

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