There can be multiple reasons why you don't  receive Slack call notifications when a call comes in or is missed:

Please check the following list:

  • Are you in full-screen ? If yes, you'll have to reduce it because this blocks Slack notifications.

  • Has the "ottspott-bot"  been invited in the "ottspott_calls" channel ? Please check it :) => Go to the member list and see if the "ottspott-bot" is visible. If not, please invite the bot directly.

  • Are Slack notifications enabled inthe Ottspott back-office ? 

 => Go to the Ottspott back-office, "Dashboard", "Slack notifications" section and check all boxes or the notifications you wish to receive.

  • Did you enable "Silent Call notifications" on the Desktop app ? If yes, please uncheck.

In case the notifications still don't show, please contact us via the chat widget or email us at

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