Hold Queues are very useful in multiple ways:

  1. Instead of hearing a dial tone while waiting for someone to answer his call, the caller will get immediately a greeting message, asking him to hold on.

  2. The caller can take control of the call at any moment, by pressing "1" and leaving a voice mail.

Settings for Hold Queues:

  1. A standard message will play. By default it is set to the language of the Ottspott country number you have chosen. You can upload your own  .waw audio message file.

  2. Maximum Queue Wait Time: you can set the queue wait time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, by using the drop down menu in "SELECT GREETINGS DURATION". Example: if you set the queue wait time to 30 seconds, after this time the call will automatically go to the Nobody Answer destination.

  3. Nobody Answer: you can choose the right destination when the timeout of the Hold Queue is reached. More information about that here

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