1. You must have the contact Nimble with a  contact phone number on E.164 format like this example for French number: 

Activate the Nimble integration :

Please note: This integration has to be installed by the Nimble Admin and will be active for the entire Ottspott team

  1. Once connected to Ottspott please go to the "Integrations" section

  2. Click on the "Connect with Nimble" button

  3. A Nimble chat window will automatically open. Please enter your Nimble ID credentials and submit to authorize the integration.

  4. A second Nimble chat window will appear. Please authorize the integration between Ottspott and Nimble.

How does it look now with Nimble ?

Now that the Ottspott desktop app is active, when you receive a call from a Nimble contact, you will see in the notification the name of this contact and in the Ottspott app the all the information about the contact who is calling, just by clicking on the Nimble logo.

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