Integrating Ottspott with Zapier is an easy way to bring the telephone events to your applications. Make Zaps to inform connected applications that calls have been received or placed, or that a Voicemail has been left. Ottspott integrates with Zapier using Webhooks by Zapier : create your Zapier Trigger as a Webhook, then copy and paste the Zapier generated URL as an Ottspott Webhook for the Ottspott events of your choice.

Make a ZAP, select Webhooks by Zapier as your trigger, make sure to select Catch Hook as your Webhook type.

Ignore the Pick off a Child Key step, and copy the generated URL to be pasted as an Ottspott Webhook.

Now, while Zapier is "looking for the hook", select a Webhook to test in Ottspott's Number management section, and just paste the previously generated URL from Zapier. Here is an example with the When an incoming call has been terminated and answered Webhook.

Depending on the selected Webhook, the eventfield sent to your Zapier Webhook will have the following values :

  • new_incoming_call : a new incoming call has just started

  • incoming_call_answered : an incoming call has just been answered

  • incoming_call_ended_and_missed : an incoming call ended and has been left unanswered

  • incoming_call_ended_and_answered : an incoming call ended and has been answered

  • new_outgoing_call : a new outgoing call has just started

  • outgoing_call_ended : an outgoing call ended

  • incoming_call_ended_and_voicemail_left : a voicemail has been received

  • sms_received : an SMS has been received

  • sms_sent : an SMS has been sent

Now, you may complete your ZAP by adding an Action and possibly a Filter, and that's it!

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