The Ottspott/Pipedrive integration must be active.

Please check this article :

  1. Once the Pipedrive integration is active, you will get Pipedrive notifications in your OttspottSlack channel. Each morning you will now receive a Slack notification with all your Pipedrive scheduled calls for the current day. At the end of each day, you will receive an activity report for your Pipedrive call activities.

  2. Now that the Ottspott desktop app is active, when you receive a call from a Pipedrive contact, you will see in the Ottspott app the all the information about the contact who is calling, just by clicking on the Pipedrive logo.

  3. In Pipedrive you can also see your call activities (inbound , outbound call and voicemail) in the "Activities" menu. For that please follow the next steps.

  4. Please go to the "Webhooks" tabs in "Numbers management" section.

  5. Past The URI webhook with your Pipedrive API Token and Pipedrive domain on each Call Action you would like to see in your Pipedrive Activities. Eg:

List of schedules calls:

End of day call reporting:

Use the Pipedrive Icon in the Ottspott Desktopp app and open the Pipedrive record:

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