1. The Ottspott Gorgias integration must be enabled.

  2. In the widget settings, "Ask visitor's phone number or email address" must be enabled.

  3. To allow matching, your Gorgias contact must have to the same email address or phone number entered by the visitor. Phone number your contact must be formatted in the international format with "+" and the country code.

As soon as you have the Gorgias integration enabled , the Ottspott Phone Widget can match your visitor with your Gorgias contact.

Slack notifications with Gorgias contact matching:

In the Slack notification you will see the name of the Gorgias contact ("Sheldon Cooper" in this example). You can click on the name of contact and the Gorgias tab will open automatically with the ticket view. You can see below the Slack notifiaction screenshot.

The Gorgias tab when you clik on the name of contact :

Create a new Gorgias ticket inside Slack:

You can create a new Gorgias ticket direclty inside Slack.

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