You can activate a SIP account with Ottspott in the "Users" section. For each user, the SIP credentials are automatically generated by Ottspott. To receive calls on your SIP account, you must activate "Ring users SIP acount" in the "Number management" section "SIP Settings" tabs for each Ottspott number you are using.

Step 1: Activate your SIP account, click to expand button and you can see a QR code button to set your SIP account on Zoiper software.

Step 2: Download and install the Zoiper softphone on your Android or iOS smartphone (only US for iOS)

- Open the app and on the "Dialer" menu click on the "QRcode" icon at the bottom left.

- Open the QR code on Ottspott by clicking on the "Show QR code" button

- Scan the QR code with Zoiper software.

- Great ! Your softphone is ready you can place call but there is still one step to receive calls on your softphone. Go to Step 3

Step 3: Go to "Number management" section "SIP Settings" tabs on Ottspott and activate "Ring users SIP acount" option.

Great now you can receive and place call on your mobile with Zoiper softphone.

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