1. For US/Canada, all our local numbers are SMS enabled.

  2. US/Canada toll-free numbers are not yet SMS enabled.

  3. For other countries, you will have to choose mobile numbers. For availability, please check the list when you pick your number or drop a mail on .

When you receive a new SMS:

  1. Click on the "Let's go" Slack button in the Slack notification. A new Slack channel will be automatically created with the name like "sms-XXXXXXXXX".

  2. Join the "sms-XXXXXXXXX" Slack channel .

  3. To reply to an inbound SMS, please use the ".sms" bot command and type your message. Example: .sms Hello from Paris

  4. All the following incoming SMS coming from the same number will be displayed inside the same Slack channel.

  5. When your conversation with your customer is ended, you can archive this channel and close it.

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