You can use Ottspott Slack bot commands from the #ottspott_calls channel, or in direct messages with the ottspott_bot.

For now, there are 5 Ottspott bot commands (all users): : Just type the phone number you wish to call or, if the contact is in your Ottspott contact list, the name of the person you wish to call.

Once you press Enter, there are 2 options:

a/ If you have only one Ottspott phone number a link will be generated and you can click on this link which will open a browser tab or the Ottspott desktop app.

b/ If you have mulitple Ottspott numbers, the bot will ask you which Caller ID you want to use for the call. Example: let's say you wish to call a US based customer from France, you will probably pick the US number as a Caller ID.

2 .contact: This bot command lets you create, read, update and delete contacts in the Ottspott contact database. Examples:

Add new contact after a received or missed on the "Create contact" button.

And go to the "ottspott_bot" direct message and follow the instructions.

3. .blacklist This command allows to list all the blacklisted numbers

4. .integrations This command allows you to get help on some of the Ottspott integrations like Intercom or Pipedrive.

5. .conference Just type the bot command and Ottspott will generate a link for your conference call. For using the conference call please check here:

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