Go to the Ottspott back-office, choose the "Widgets" section, then click on "New Widget".

Step 1:

Choosing a Name for your widget: give a name to your widget (example: "sales cart widget")

Defining a Language for your widget: this will be the language used for the buttons on your widget and voice transcription for your widget.

Defining Call Routing rules for Widget inbound calls: When a calls comes in from your website visitors, you have 3 option on how to handle/route the calls:

  1. Only to Slack: the call notification comes into your Slack ottspott channel, and by clicking on the "Answer button", a browser tab will open and you will be connected to the caller (works on Chrome mobile as well)

  2. Ottspott Number: the call notification comes into your Slack Ottspott channel if you have one Ottspott phone number in your Team. You can answer like in option 1, or directly with the Ottspott desktop app

  3. External Number: The call comes inside Slack and your own phone number. This option is for teams which already have a current phone system.

Select the Slack Channel on which you would like to receive call widget notifications: specify the Slack channel in which you wish to be notified for the widget inbound calls.

Ask the visitors' phone number: Ask your visitor to enter their phone number. If you wish to match with integrations (Premium and Custom plans), this should be enabled if you want to match your visitor details or add a new contact with a phone number in your CRM

Ask the visitor's email address: Ask your visitor to enter his email address.

If you wish to identify the caller using your Ottspott integrations (Premium and Custom plans), "Ask the Visitor's email address" should be enabled so that Ottspott can match your visitor details. Asking for the e-mail address also allows you to add a new contact with the e-mail address inside your CRM.

Display when open: Choose the action button when your widget is open (within your office opening hours). There are 3 possible options here:

  1. Call through button only: start a call from the website between your visitor and your call agents.

  2. Voice out button only: your visitor can record a voice message and his recording will be transcribed to your Slack channel .

  3. Both: the call button and voice button appear both on the widget.

Display when closed: Choose the action button when your widget is closed (outside your office opening hours)

  1. Text notification only: your visitor can write a message and you can read it inside your Slack Ottspott channel.

  2. Voice out button only: your visitor can record a voice message and send it to your Slack Ottspott channel.

  3. Both: text notification button and voice out button appear together.

Step 2:

Choose to enable office opening hours for your widget by making sure you pick the right time zone. If you disable the office opening hours, the widget will be permanently displayed.

Step 3:

Company name: by default, it's your Slack team name, but you can edit and change it.

Company logo url: by default it's your Slack team logo, but you can change it by entering the url of the image you wish to display.

Background color: it's the color for your widget.

Preview: the display of your widget like it will be appear in your website.

Step 4:

When the code for the widget appears, just click on the "Copy" button and paste the code into your website. Click on the "Complete" button to finalize your widget.

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