When you have decided to move to Ottspott, you might want to keep your existing phone number(s). This service is called porting and Ottspott manages the process on your behalf.

Currently, with some minor exceptions (eg Alaska in the USA), all numbers in countries supported by Ottspott can be ported.

The process is the following:

  1. Provide Ottspott with a pdf of your last invoice mentioning your company name and the number(s) you wish to port

  2. Send the signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) authorizing your current provider to transfer the number to Ottspott. A list of LOA by country is available for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ershyhh60ljsoyy/AADCJc31qeXXog12QuQYU7xUa?dl=0

If in the future you decide to leave Ottspott, you can again port your number to a new provider.

If you have any question, please get in touch with us by mail on support@ottspott.co or on the in-app widget.

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