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Price plans

Before you move on to a paid plan, you can test Ottspott on a 7-day free trial. During this trial, you can choose between Ottspott Full System or Ottspott Phone Widget only.

With Ottspott Phone Widget only, you have unlimited widgets. You can answer calls inside Slack only or forward calls to your Phone number. You will have a free $5/€5 credit to test the Ottspott Phone Widget during free trial.

But you will not be allowed to pick a phone number during free trial.

With the Ottspott Full system you can choose 1 local phone number (excluding toll free and mobile numbers outside US/Canada). You will also get a $5/€5 call/SMS credit to test Ottspott during free trial. 

After the free trial you can pick one of the following 4 plans:

Lite plan:

The Lite plan is for teams between 2 and 25 users which don't need an integration with a CRM or Helpdesk tools.

You have 1 phone number included.

The Lite plan costs $9/€9 per team/month (annual payment) or $14/€14 per team per month (monthly payment).

If you have 2 or 10 or 20 users you only pay $9/€9 or $14/€14 per month.

After 25 users you will have to upgrade your plan to Premium or Enterprise.

Premium plan:

The Premium plan starts from 2 users and no limitations for users. You have all integrations excluded Salesforce.

You have 1 phone number included.

The Premium plan costs $29/€29 /user /month (annual payment) or $34/€34 per user/month (monthly payment).

Enterprise plan:

The Enterprise plan starts from 3 users and no limitations for users. You have all integrations including Salesforce.

You have 3 phone numbers included.

The Enterprise plan costs $39/€39 /user /month (annual payment) or $49/€49 per user/month (monthly payment).

Phone Widget plan:

In the Phone widget plan, you can create unlimited widgets but you can't enable integration to CRM/Helpdesk tools and can't pick a phone number.