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Choosing your Ottspott number

Ottspott allows you to get instantly a phone number and offers currently a choice of approx. 9,000 cities across 40 countries.

If your country does not appear in the drop-down list, or if you can't find the city area code you wish in the list, please drop us a mail on or use the chat widget on the bottom right of our site. 

  1. Choose your Country
  2. Choose your City/Area Code
  3. Confirm your request. Please be careful when confirming, as you will not be able to cancel your number choice (unless you uninstall Ottspott and start again the whole authentication process). If you confirmed by mistake, please drop us a mail on and we'll cancel the number for you before you can go again through the number selection process.
  4. You can make a test call, a new tab will be opened and you can call your mobile number with the web version of Ottspott desktop app. The link to donwload the Desktop app and Click to call extension is also available on this web page. Close this tab and go back to the Ottspott onboarding.
  5. If you have some Promo Code enter it or click to the button "Let's go" directly.
  6. Select your team members which are going to use Ottspott.
  7. Your Ottspott number is up and running, you can start making and receiving calls on this number immediately.