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Integrate Ottspott with Pipedrive


  1. You need to have your personsal Pipedrive API Token (you can find it in the Pipedrive settings, API section) ready.
  2. Your Pipedrive users must have the same user email address as in Slack.
  3. Your Pipedrive contacts must have a phone number format with international prefix like 16503600914 for a USA number or 33186651737 for a French number.

Activate the Pipedrive integration :

Please note: This integration has to be done by the Pipedrive Admin and is activated for all of your Ottspott team. This integration has to be set inside Slack with the Ottspott bot in the "direct message" section.

During the integration, the bot will ask you some questions e.g. "for which number you would like to set integration ?".  And "for which kind of call activities would would like to create Pipedrive activities ?".

We suggest you to just enable incoming missed calls , incoming calls that have been terminated and answered, calls placed from Ottspott that have been terminated , and voicemails that have been left.

How does it look now with Pipedrive?

Now that the Ottspott desktop app is active, when you place or receive a call from a Pipedrive contact, you will see in the Ottspott app all the information about the contact who is calling, just by clicking on the Pipedrive logo. And when you place or receive a call with Ottspott number you have previously set for this integration some activities will be created in Pipedrive contacts.