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Hubspot engagement

Activate the Hubspot engagement with Ottspott :

The Ottspott/Hubspot integration must be active. 

Please check this article :

Please note: This integration has to be done by an Hubspot Admin and is activated for the Ottspott Team

  1. Once connected to Hubspot please go to the "Integrations" section in your profile & preference Hubspot user.
  2. Create our generate an Hubspot API Key .
  3. Please copy this API Key and keep it.

Past your Hubspot API Key to Ottspott :

  1. Once connected to Ottspott please go to the "Integrations" section.
  2. Please click on the "Expand" button for the Hubspot integration and copy the example URI for the webhook. eg:
  3. remove the value after the "=" by your Hubspot API Key.
  4. Please go to the "Webhooks" tabs in "Numbers management" section.
  5. Past The URI webhook with your Hubspot API Key on each Call Action you would like to see in your Hubspot Contact.

What's happend in Hubspot :

For each contact you can see an engagement when a call is placed, received, a voicemail or recording is left.