How can I subscribe to a paid plan ? | ottspott

How can I subscribe to a paid plan ?

Once your free trial is over, the Ottspott Slackbot will send a direct message to the Ottspott channel.

In order to subscribe, you just have to go to the "Billing" section on the Ottspott back-office and pick your plan.

If you still have call credits from the free trial, you can use them. You can also add credits to your balance.


You can use the widget for free but will have limitations:

  • Handling inbound calls: only inside the Ottspott Slack channel
  • Integrations: you will only have access to the Slack integration.
  • Call forwarding: if you wish to forward incoming calls from the widget to another number (landline and/or mobile number), you will have to add credits to your balance. Otherwise you will only be able to handle the calls inside Slack.
For the widget, if you wish to:
  • Answer calls with the desktop app: choose Lite, Premium or Enterprise Plans
  • Have all the integrations excluding Salesforce: Premium Plan
  • All features and Salesforce integration: Enterprise Plan