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Price plans

Before you move on to a paid plan, you can test Ottspott on a 7-day free trial. During this trial, you can choose 3 local phone numbers (including toll-free and mobile numbers). You will also get a $3/€3 call/SMS credit to test Ottspott during free trial. 

Ottspott's pricing is simple and based on a per user basis with no limitations on features. All integrations and call features are included from the first user. 

The first 3 users come in a small team plan for a monthly cost of $30 /€30 (Europe), i.e. a cost of $10/€10 per month per user. 

Additional users are priced on top at $20€/20€ per month (annual plan) or $25/€25 on a month to month basis.

Example for a team of 5 users: 

- Monthly cost (on annual basis):

$30/€30 for the first 3 users + 2 x $20€/20€ = $70/€70 

- Month to month: 

$30/€30 for the first 3 users + 2 x $25€/25€ = $80/€80